F.N.B. Corporation Enterprise Disaster Recovery Plan, IT Disaster Recovery Test Plan, and Branch Emergency Operations Plan


May 10, 2016 – October 6, 2016


Jason Dobronz, Vice President Corporate Emergency Management
F.N.B. Corporation
100 Sandusky Street, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone: (412) 320-2187
Email: DobronzJ@fnb-corp.com




OGL was under contract for a period of three years to provide a variety of emergency management, disaster recovery, business continuity, and response services for the F.N.B Corporation (FNB), a $22 billion financial services company operating in six states and three major metropolitan areas with more than 300 banking offices throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia.

For the first task order under the contract, OGL and its strategic partner Lunarline worked with the executive and business leadership of the FNB, management, and line staff of the company’s 55 individual business units and two affiliate companies to develop an enterprise-wide disaster recovery plan. For this effort, OGL and Lunarline first developed a Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (THIRA) to identify the incidents and disasters, which could affect FNB.

Next, OGL and Lunarline developed and distributed a digital Business Impact Assessment (BIA) survey to identify the critical functions, systems, data, and personnel required for continuity of operations, along with the financial impact of each business unit and the corporation. To validate, prioritize, and rank the collected data, OGL and Lunarline conducted interviews with the management and key staff each of the critical lines of business and with senior corporate leadership. The assessment went beyond IT Disaster Recovery and collected the information necessary to develop corporate emergency management and business continuity plans, planned for adoption in the first quarter of 2017.

With these assessments complete, OGL and Lunarline worked with the corporate IT Department to identify each infrastructure system, hardware, software, data sets, and third party vendors. We supported the departments and business units to develop both recovery time objectives and restoration priorities for each component. OGL and Lunarline compiled all the information into a new Disaster Recovery Plan and a three-year test plan with various scenarios, which not only provided the roadmap for the FNB’s resiliency, but also helped them meet a federal banking regulation.

As part of Team OGLs effort, we also developed an Emergency Operations Plan template for branch operations, provided recommendations on infrastructure and process improvements, monitored the cyber-threat to the organization during the project, and provided advice and guidance on a variety of cyber-security issues.

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