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Qualified and Skilled Personnel for Incident Support

In a crisis, having people on hand that know how to get things done can be the difference between mission success and failure. Whether your organization needs one person or an entire staff, OGL can – on very short notice – provide qualified personnel with the skills to support a wide range of roles and tasks including incident management, debris management, patient tracking, damage assessment, community outreach, volunteer and donations management, public affairs, logistics, grant management, planning, and administrative support.

Our Staff is Trained & Practiced in:

  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Incident Action Plans (IAP)
  • Previstar
  • WebEOC


OGL has been the leading firm for supporting the Virginia Department of Emergency Management in various capacities since 2014. Our team has been requested to staff their emergency operations center during countless disasters affecting the state of Virginia including Hurricane Florence (2018) and Hurricane Matthew (2015).


The District of Columbia hosts numerous high profile events throughout the year that require abundant resources and personnel. HSEMA has relied on OGL to support their agency to ensure their activations are successful. These events have included large scale protests, festivals, and presidential inaugurations.

Miami Beach

During Hurricane Irma, OGL provided surge support to the Miami Beach Office of Emergency Management during Hurricane Irma (2017). Our experience during this disaster enabled our team to be the most qualified team in writing the City’s After Action Report (AAR) which was completed in March 2018.