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Increasing Readiness and Resilience

OGL believes training and exercise are central to preparedness. Even the best written plans and procedures are likely to fail unless those charged with their execution are properly trained and pressure-tested in the safe environment of an exercise.

Training is learning, and OGL understands everyone learns differently. Our instructional staff employ a variety of proven techniques to increase comprehension and retention of the presented material. OGL also offers both in-person and a variety of online training platforms to meet the unique needs of our customers.

The Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program sets standards for Exercises, but OGL has never viewed HSEEP as a ceiling on our creativity. Our large cadre of Master Exercise Practitioners (MEPs) lead experienced professionals who tailor each tabletop, drill or full-scale exercise to meet our clients’ needs for lasting results.

No objective or idea is too big or too small; from individual self-administered games to multi-state, multi-jurisdiction, and multi-discipline exercises, OGL has the experience and expertise to develop, deliver, and evaluate the applied training experience you want. Our delivery tools, including audio/visual, moulage, social media simulation, mapping tools, and live streaming for remote participation, help promote engagement and maximize learning.

Training Solutions

OGL provides a full range of options and job aids to support initial and ongoing training requirements.

If you require training such as HSEEP, NIMS, ICS, Role-specific IMT, REP, CBRNE, WMD and Active Shooter, or a customized training curriculum built around your agency , OGL can provide you with the training you want and need. We can even assist you with learning management, course and student tracking, certificates, registration, and other administrative and support activities.

OGL’s goal is to breathe new life into existing course materials and create custom courses that truly meet your needs. Our instructors are experienced practitioners, providing students with real-world context and application of what is learned in the classroom.

Innovative and Engaging Exercises

OGL does things differently — we routinely apply innovative tools and techniques to enhance the exercise experience. Our audio/visual and interactive enhancements are designed to simulate real life scenarios more effectively challenge your team and strengthen your organization’s readiness.

Simulation Enhancement Capabilities

  • Virtual News Network
  • Interactive Social Media simulation
  • Multimedia and interactive presentations
  • Opposing Force and Victim Actors
  • Moulage
  • Simulated devices and munitions
  • Collapsed structure simulation
  • Pyrotechnics

Video, LiveStream and Remote Participation Capabilities

  • Videoconferencing
  • Webinar
  • Online and Remote Training
  • Enhanced exercise control and observation
  • Photo and Video documentation
  • Remote observer and player participation


Discussion-based Exercises

Operations-based Exercises