North Central Texas Council of Governments 2017 Emergency Operations Support Team (EOC EST) Operations Manual, Orientation Training Development and Conduct:


January 18, 2017 – April 30, 2017


Tonda Henry

North Central Texas Council of Governments

P.O. Box 5888, Arlington, Texas 765005-5888

Phone: 817-695-9291 Email:


OGL was tasked with formalizing the region’s Emergency Operations Center Emergency Support Team (EOC EST) program through the development of its operations manual, standard operating guides (SOGs), the development of training and train-the-trainer curriculum and materials, and conducting the inaugural member and instructor training courses with less than four months of performance. OGL facilitated several in-person and weekly online meetings with the region’s Emergency Management Working Group members to identify program purpose, goals, objectives, and intent. OGL collected, analyzed, and evaluated existing Standard Operating Guides (SOGs) for inclusion in the manual and training materials. Where gaps were identified, OGL developed new SOGs and created three resource-loaded Mission Ready Packages (MRPs) for inclusion in the EOC EST Team Member Handbook. In all, sixteen (16) SOG’s and their supporting forms and attachments were developed to include:

  • Activation and Mobilization
  • Alerting and Notification Protocols and Procedures
  • Communications
  • Deployment Briefing
  • Preparing and Reporting for Work
  • Transfer of Assignment
  • Check-In/Out Procedures
  • Training and Exercise Requirements
  • Position Descriptions and Roles and Responsibilities
  • Duty Officer Selections
  • Membership
  • Badge, Uniform, and Use of Logo
  • Code of Conduct
  • EST Organizational Structure and Command and Control
  • Public Affairs
  • Incident Action Plan Instructions

Based upon the newly created Handbook, SOGs, and supporting documents, OGL developed an Orientation Training Program, consisting of a Student Manual, Supporting Instructor Manual, PowerPoint, Online Test, and Participant Feedback Materials. OGL conducted two orientation classes and a Train-the-Trainer class as the culmination of the project

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