Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) VDEM Statewide Recovery Plan and Workshop Series


July 2017 – August 2018


Ed Porner, Director of Recovery and Resilience Division

Address: 10501 Trade Court, North Chesterfield, VA 23236

Phone: (804) 897-6500



Initial Budget: $253,331.00 Final Expenditures: $230,300.90


The Olson Group, Ltd. (OGL) wrote the Virginia Statewide Recovery Annex, documenting and updating recovery practices across the state government and aligned Commonwealth practice with the National Disaster Recovery Framework. Using best practices and lessons learned from around the nation, OGL assisted the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) by writing a comprehensive state recovery plan and twelve (12) Recovery Support Function (RSF) Annexes.

OGL employed a whole community planning process, engaging with stakeholders from more than two dozen state government departments and agencies through a series of workshops that gathered information on recovery roles and responsibilities. OGL conducted twenty-five (25) such workshops with state, local and non-governmental stakeholders to capture the information required to develop the recovery support function annexes.

A final Seminar with state senior officials provided a walk-through and review of the state recovery plan and the associated RSF Annexes. Following the Seminar, OGL incorporated feedback into the Plan and Annexes, and submitted the final product to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

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