Gloucester County Cross-Jurisdictional Sheltering & Access/Functional Needs Capability Enhancement Project and Cross-Jurisdictional Multi-Cultural Evacuation Plan Project


December 2014 – June 2016


Jane Wenner, Gloucester County

Address: 7478 Justice Drive

PO Box 329, Gloucester, VA 23061

Phone: (804) 693-1390     Email:


OGL supported the development of a Cross-Jurisdictional, Multi-Cultural Evacuation Preparedness Framework. The project was a regional planning effort aimed at strengthening Gloucester, Mathews, and Middlesex County’s capabilities to communicate with and evacuate multi-cultural communities. The final planning products for this project included a Middle Peninsula Regional Evacuation Framework and three separate County Evacuation and Re-Entry Annexes. The Middle Peninsula Regional Evacuation Framework assisted the three counties in communicating and coordinating during an all-hazards evacuation event out of any of the counties. After the creation of the Regional Framework, three county-specific annexes were developed as additions to each County’s existing Emergency Operations Plans. To familiarize key stakeholders with the developed plans, OGL held a seminar on the plans for county officials and community members.

The second part was the Cross-Jurisdictional Sheltering and Access/Functional Needs Capability Enhancement Project, where OGL supported the Region in developing a Regional Interim Sheltering Plan. The Middle Peninsula counties did not have the capability to handle post-disaster sheltering without the help of their regional partners. OGL worked with key stakeholders from Gloucester and Middlesex County to develop a regional sheltering strategy for post-event sheltering that involves the whole community. Following completion of the Regional Interim Sheltering Plan, OGL conducted first a tabletop and then a functional exercise to test the plan.

Following the completion of these, OGL supported development of the Gloucester County Recovery Plan. Although not initially planned or budgeted for, OGL was able to support this effort because OGL completed its contract requirements under budget and therefore was able to provide additional support.

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