Tim Quist


19 years


Mr. Quist joined the Olson Group team in January 2022 and has worked on contracts designing and executing exercises Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCA) exercise at the state level to include Seminars followed by Tabletop Exercises for each region of the state.  He also worked with a national mass transportation organization on training and exercises related to setting up a Family Reception Center in the first 12 hours of an incident and then transitioning to a Family Assistance Center for extended operations.

Timothy is a retired firefighter who, during his service, was a Hazardous Materials Technician as part of the City of Alexandria and Commonwealth of Virginia state teams, a Swiftwater Rescue Technician with the Marine Operations Team, and earned his Fire Investigator certification.  Tim was assigned to Emergency Management at the end of his fire service career, where he served as the Training and Exercise Officer.  During that time, he lead the efforts for a regional Terrorism Prevention Exercise Program (TPEP) in Northern Virginia that included law enforcement from local, state, and federal partners.  During that same time, he was the Exercise Director for his location as part of a large full-scale, complex coordinated attack (CCA) exercise.  This exercise included private, local, state, and federal partners responding to a portion of the overall regional full-scale exercise involving a terrorist plot on railways. During his time with the City, he also helped in setting up clinics for mass vaccination in 2010 in response to the H1N1 pandemic.

After retiring from the department, Mr. Quist went on to continue with Emergency Management taking on the role of Vice President of Operations for a large healthcare-centric contracting company, overseeing security and preparedness concerns for hospitals on the east coast, as well as the Midwest.  His expertise was in physical security, and while fulfilling this role he developed an active shooter training that was utilized at multiple healthcare systems.  Also, during this time, he was part of the development of a healthcare security assessment program that did security assessments on healthcare facilities across the country.

Tim is certified by FEMA as a Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Instructor Trainer.