Daniel Morthole


Bachelors of Business Administration, International Business, Hofstra University


13 years


Daniel Morthole is a Senior Associate for Business Operations with over 13 years of organizational leadership in which he has developed and implemented strategic growth plans to drive operational efficiency.  He has direct experience in creating, executing and sustaining practices that are standardized and scaleable across both small and large organizations.  These have included the development of standard work, quality controls, process improvement tools and mechanisms, as well as the development of organizational KPI to ensure that key deliverables are met on time and on budget.  He is intentional about using the DMAIC process to develop simple, standard and scalable actions to maximize the value achieved for all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Before joining the Olson Group, Mr. Morthole led several operational and program teams at Schreiber Foods Inc., Pepsi, and Amazon.  Mr. Morthole leveraged his experience to conceptualize, develop and implement a front line supervisor training and development program that guided employees across the company and served as a founding member of the companies mentorship program that paired new leaders with executive leaders.  He simultaneously developed and implemented tracking mechanisms to determine whether the program was in compliance with goals, resulting in improvements in capability of the companies leaders, and improving levels of retention, promotion and job satisfaction.  Mr. Morthole developed and implemented continuous improvement projects utilizing Lean Six Sigma principles that the were successful in improving operational efficiency.

As Senior Regional Manager with Amazon’s North America Customer Fulfillment (NACF), Mr. Morthole helped to execute the expansion from 4 robotic fulfillment centers to over 80.  In 2020, he joined Amazon Logistics (AMZL), and supported the last mile delivery operations expansion from 80 delivery stations across North America to over 400.  Mr. Morthole had direct supervisory responsibility for over 2500 individuals ranging from third party contractors, to Amazon employees and leaders, working systematically to improve and manage their performance in safety, quality and productivity.