Aubrey Cheatham


M.S.M,, Lesley University


44 years


Aubrey Cheatham has a distinguished record providing leadership, management, and supervision to various organizations over the past 44 years.  Over the past eleven years, Mr. Cheatham has managed and helped design, facilitate, and evaluate well over 200 Tabletop, command post, Functional and Full-Scale Homeland Security and Emergency Management compliant exercises.  He has led the planning, conduct and evaluation of multiple-agency, multiple-venue exercises addressing both natural disasters and acts of terrorism at the Federal and local levels.  He has developed and delivered high-level exercises, briefings and other products for senior political and agency officials in both Washington and across the country.  The vast majority of Mr. Cheatham’s exercises designed and delivered involved multiple jurisdictions and response agencies with diverse plans, policies, and procedures.

Mr. Cheatham has eight years emergency management and public safety experience as a local government Director and Deputy Director of a department responsible for the coordination of emergency management, fire, fire marshal, EMS, Emergency 9-1-1, and animal control services in Campbell County, Virginia.

He also has seven years’ experience as a United States Air Force First Sergeant where he was responsible for the morale, welfare, and discipline of organizations averaging 200 personnel in various worldwide locations.  Mr. Cheatham spent thirteen years as a Security Force Manager in the USAF where he was responsible for the security of up to 500 nuclear warheads and the supervision of up to 50 individuals performing various nuclear security, air base ground defense, and law enforcement related duties worldwide, including air base security, ground launch cruise missile deployment defense, aircraft security, and incident investigations.

Mr. Cheatham earned a Master’s Degree in Management from Lesley University, is credentialed as a Certified Emergency Manager through the International Association of Emergency Managers, and is a Master Exercise Practitioner.