Virginia Department of Health- Staffing Support


July 2021 – December 2021


Jeff Stover

Chief of Staff, Office of the Commissioner

Virginia Department of Health

Phone: 804-864-7016   Email:


In July 2021, OGL was contracted by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to provide staffing support to the Chief of Staff as part of VDH COVID-19 digital contact tracing efforts and strategic planning and implementation services specific to the department’s “COVIDWISE” contact tracing application.

OGL provided one consultant who reported directly to the VDH Chief of Staff. She assisted the COVIDWISE team with planning and implementation, marketing, communications, and developing private sector partnerships, including the Washington Football Team (WFT) training camp, where she oversaw a team of nurses and vaccinated Virginians. She prepared a detailed report on COVIDWISE’s state and national impacts.

Following the WFT training camp project, her contributions centered around qualitative research and strategic policy. In September 2021, she began work on a comprehensive report detailing the origin and evolution of the “COVIDWISE” application for VDH internal use. This report showcased COVIDWISE’s impact on COVID-19 transmission rates in Virginia and the effect this groundbreaking technology has had on the state and national health technology landscapes. The report also demonstrated the relevance and value of COVIDWISE and provided strategic recommendations shaped by research and experience.

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