Manchester, New Hampshire Manchester Fire Department Active Shooter Full-Scale Exercise


September 2018 – January 2019


Kevin Healy, Co-Exercise Director, Emergency Management Office

Elliot Health System/City of Manchester

Phone: (603) 663-8711 Email:


The Olson Group, Ltd. (OGL) In testing the Active Shooter Response Guide and Target Capabilities List, OGL was responsible for the development, logistics, conduct and evaluation of the full-scale, active threat exercise held at Southern New Hampshire University Arena in November 2018. The four-hour exercise, with a total of 365 players, evaluators, observers and actors, was designed to execute plans, policies and procedures to improve situational awareness, response procedures, logistical coordination, and information sharing at the arena. Participants were able to demonstrate the capability to respond to an active threat incident by providing Warm Zone EMS, including triage, treatment, and transport in accordance with the Active Threat Response Guide.

Participants at the arena practiced establishing incident command; managing the incident; and activating the emergency operations center. Participants were able to operate with partner stakeholders and practice operating under Unified Command and Health Incident Command following a Mass Casualty Incident. Additionally, participants demonstrated the capability to rapidly expand hospital capacity to provide triage and subsequent medical care. The exercise successfully identified many areas of strength and improvement that will be used to enhance local, State and regional response plans, policies, and procedures, and to guide future training and exercise efforts in the State of New Hampshire.

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