Heather Stem


Heather Stem is an experienced senior emergency management specialist who has provided training, exercise leadership, and guidance to local, county, and state partners for over eight years. As a Training and Exercise Coordinator in multiple jurisdictions, Mrs. Stem designed, developed, and coordinated Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation (HSEEP)compliant exercises to support, promote, and provide training on various topics, including all-hazard awareness, emergency response, disaster recovery, and much more.

In 2015, she provided her expertise on the rewrite of FEMA’s independent study (IS) course 120 Introduction to Exercise. Furthermore, she has played a lead role in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, sitting on policy and directive committees to update training and exercise guidance.

Currently, Mrs. Stem supports OGL clients in exercise planning, after-action meetings, tabletops, and drills as a Master Exercise Practitioner. Mrs. Stem coordinates and collaborates with multiple stakeholders, providing up-to-date and practical training and exercises that are National Incident Management (NIMS) and HSEEP compliant, ranging from natural to man-made to technological hazards.