Allie Hersch


Mrs. Allie Hersch is an experienced public health and crisis response professional who has worked with the public and private sectors in meeting challenges within the health sector. Mrs. Hersch has an impressive background in the public health and policy fields, including internships, research fellowships, and program management.

Upon completing her Master’s in Public Health, Allie began working for Winchester Recovery, an addiction treatment and recovery center in northwestern Virginia. During her tenure, she served as the Director of Public Health Initiatives and Patient Support and Lead SEO and Medical Billing Associate.

Mrs. Hersch recently supported the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) COVID-19 vaccination and testing efforts, serving as the Virginia Department of Emergency Management/VDH Joint Information Center liaison to the private sector and the 211-call center. Additionally, Mrs. Hersch worked on project COVIDWISE, a digital contact tracing application for VDH. In her role for VDH, Mrs. Hersch routinely works with Virginia Governor’s Office, private and public sector clients, and stakeholders such as Apple, Facebook, Verizon; FEMA; and local media outlets.