Glenn Epler

Senior Associate


Mr. Epler has over 42 years of professional experience, including twenty years commissioned service in the U.S. Coast Guard, working in the emergency management, training and exercising, oil and hazardous materials spill response, contingency planning, environmental health and safety, and port safety and security fields. His post-military experience includes over 22 years providing crisis and emergency management program planning, project management, training and exercising, real time response, and contingency planning experience for state and federal government agencies, and the oil, gas, transportation, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, finance and chemical business sectors.

Mr. Epler managed numerous training and exercising projects, policy and plan development efforts, and has written dozens of emergency response plans dealing with natural and man-made disasters for both the private sector and government. He has worked with individual facilities and industries in developing crisis and emergency management exercise programs, and is currently leading OGL program support for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mr. Epler is an expert in productively collaborating with response officials from federal, state and local government and industry in the development of contingency plans, procedural documents, and exercises.

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