Our Services

OGL avoids pat answers and cookie cutter solutions. We park our pre-conceived notions at the door and sit down to work. While our approach is fully HSEEP-compliant (all of our personnel are HSEEP-certified), we have never viewed those guidelines as a ceiling on our creativity. 

We never forget: These exercises belong to you.

​OGL offers a wide range of exercise services to fit your needs. 

  • Seminars/Workshops

  • Tabletops 

  • Functionals

  • Full-scales

  • Drills

  • Games

Our staff works closely with your agency to tailor each exercise specifically to match the needs of your organization. No objective or idea is too big; OGL has capabilities that can simulate the complex issues facing your organization and community including audio/visual and mapping tools. 

Exercise Projects


Full-scale active shooter exercise for the City of Manchester, NH at the SNHU Arena to test communication and coordination proceeds between responding entities.

Our Distinctive Products & Services

OGL does things differently -- we escape from the typical, mundane slideshow presentation format by incorporating innovative tools and products to enhance the exercise experience Our audio/visual and interactive enhancements are designed to simulate real life scenarios with the ultimate goals of effectively challenging your team and strengthening your organization's readiness.

LiveStream Capabilities

  • Webinar

  • Online Training

  • Enhanced exercise control and observation

  • Video documentation

Enhanced Presentations

  • Virtual News Network

  • Interactive Social Media simulation

  • Multimedia and interactive presentations


  • Maps and imagery provide a realistic field for player actions

  • "Deployable" tactical and strategic resources reflect real assets

  • Time-based injects control introduction of exercise elements

  • Measurable tracking of outcomes enhancing exercise evaluation


  • iPad-based exercise support

  • Allows access to scenario data, plans, references, and targeted injects.