• WHERE: Virginia - statewide


  • WHEN: 2017-2018

  • WHAT: Recovery Plan

OVERVIEW: OGL wrote a comprehensive recovery plan for the State of Virginia designed to properly coordinate and prioritize recovery activities post-disaster.

OGL wrote the Virginia Statewide Recovery Plan. Using best practices and lessons learned from around the nation, OGL helped the Commonwealth of Virginia complete a comprehensive recovery plan that is inclusive of 13 Recovery Support Function (RSF) Annexes. This whole community planning process brought together stakeholders from across state government through a series of workshops to gather information on their roles and responsibilities during recovery and help capture what programs they support that can assist in recovery. OGL is conducted 26 workshops with governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders to capture the information needed to create comprehensive recovery support function annexes.


At the conclusion of the planning process, OGL conducted a Seminar with state stakeholders to review the draft state recovery plan and the associated RSF Annexes. This Seminar gave government officials and community stakeholders the opportunity to review and provide comment on the draft plan. Following the feedback provided at the Seminar, OGL made changes to the document and submitted the final plan to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.



  • WHERE: Boston, MA

  • WHO: Boston College

  • WHEN: 2009

  • WHAT: Plan series

OVERVIEW: OGL overhauled Boston College's emergency management program and wrote various plans to bolster their preparedness and response procedures.

The Olson Group conducted a series of projects for Boston College addressing the institution’s preparedness including: An Emergency Management Plan and Gap Analysis, which reviewed the school’s existing emergency management infrastructure against best practices in similar class institutions and other public and private entities. BC adopted the recommendations to re-structure emergency management, elevating the mission to the Office of the President.

A Comprehensive Risk and Vulnerability Analysis for the university and its facilities. This included a building-level threat evaluation, as well as an assessment of collateral impacts of each major building on the three BC campuses.

An Evacuation/Shelter-In-Place plan for key facilities and student housing on all three campuses. The plan addressed requirements for relocating classes to alternate facilities, moving students to alternate housing arrangements, and ensuring continued  operations of key operations in the event of a natural disaster or man-caused incident.



  • WHERE: Norfolk-Virginia Beach region

  • WHO: VDEM, Norfolk, Hampton Roads

  • WHEN: 2018

  • WHAT: Re-entry Plan

OVERVIEW: As of 2019, OGL is in the process of writing the Hampton Roads Re-entry Plan intended to ensure the safe and coordinated re-entry of local citizens after a disaster.

OGL is in the process of writing the Hampton Roads Reentry and Access Control Plan intended to be activated during the recovery phase of a disaster. Hampton Roads is a region of Virginia comprised of the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News metropolitan area, known for its large military presence and shipyards. Using best practices and lessons learned from around the nation, the plan is intended to ensure that post-disaster re-entry is accomplished in a coordinated manner once deemed safe by the Incident Commander for people to enter/return to the impacted area. This whole community planning process is bringing together stakeholders from local and state jurisdictions, non-governmental organizations, regional planning councils, and the private sector to ensure equal representation. OGL has conducted multiple workshops with governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders to capture the information needed to create a phased reentry plan for the Hampton Roads region.

Prior to developing these plans, the OGL team developed a Re-Entry and Access Authorization Plan template, using language from the current draft of the Commonwealth Re- Entry and Access Authorization Plan, located within the Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Operations Plan. These plans are being synchronized, so that there is a single regional and statewide process/procedure, that will be tailored to the individual jurisdiction’s government structures and law enforcement, but still interchangeable where they impact the citizens and all stakeholders.



  • WHERE: Puerto Rico

  • WHO: HealthproMed

  • WHEN: 2018

  • WHAT: Plan and training development

OVERVIEW: OGL wrote a comprehensive emergency management plan for HealthproMed, a healthcare system in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

The Olson Group Ltd. was tasked with developing a comprehensive disaster response program for HealthproMed (HPM), a number of federally mandated facilities  located in Puerto Rico. OGL developed a number of deliverables, including an all-hazards HealthproMed Emergency Management Plan and an After Action Report for the HealthproMed response to Hurricane Maria. The Emergency Management Plan included steps and procedures for HPM to conduct operations before, during an after a hazard as well and the threats, hazards and priorities that both the facilities and Puerto Rico might face. In addition to OGL's planning work, training materials were conducted for a newly developed Emergency Preparedness Committee, HealthproMed Command Center as well as basic emergency preparedness training for all-staff. OGL staff worked with HPM executive leadership to deliver training and exercise needs for facility staff, in order to validate the CMS and HRSA requirements for a federally recognized organization.